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Our Programs

Three students working together on a project in a library.
Her Idea programs are designed to empower and support young individuals in their educational and career journeys.
Through a unique blend of mentorship, hands-on experiences, and personalized guidance, we help participants bridge the gap between high school and future success. Our programs embrace alternative education and project-based learning to foster leadership and innovation. We are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of leaders and young entrepreneurs, ensuring they have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.
Illustration of girl levitating a planet over her hand.

Her Idea's signature program for young women. Join a cohort of innovators, collaborating on real-world projects. Engage in a pitch night and the annual Her Idea gala. 

~ Ages 14-18

~ Bring Your Ideas to Life!

~ Work with one of our many Mentors!

Ready to Create your Dream Project?

(And bring your vision to life?)

Applications Open August 2024!

Illustration of students writing notes in class while a teacher is presenting.

Unlock Potential with Capstone High School Partnerships! We have mentored 600+ students and collaborate with schools for impactful education. Contact us to partner today!

~ Ages 14-18

~ Bring Your Ideas to Life!

~ Work with one of our many Mentors!

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Kickstart your career journey with our hands-on Internship Program. Ideal for individuals seeking their first real-world experience, our program offers mentorship, exposure to diverse organizational aspects, and ongoing career support. 

~ 4 hours per week

~ Multi-Faceted Skill Building

~ Startup Experience

Current Cohort

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