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Our Mission

Her Idea provides the resources of guided mentorship, innovation, and leadership. Our mission is to enable young girls to actualize their ideas in the present, empowering them to become influential creators and leaders of tomorrow.

Her Idea Mentor talking to Capstone Student.

We mentor the next generation as they become confident innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders actuating their ideas now, not later.

Her Idea works with youth on every step of the process of developing a real world project. We believe in the power of these projects to provide the context for developing the skills and connections essential to leadership, college, and career success. Student-driven projects serve as learning experiences that bridge the gap from the world of high school to the challenges of college, community, and career.

It is our conviction that one cannot learn to lead by following. With every try, attempt, and pursuit of a passion project there are essential lessons to be learned. The best way to get started on this learning journey is to start now!

Illustration of three people working together on a project.
Real World Experience
Classroom learning is invaluable, but it's in stepping out into the real world that students genuinely test their skills, build confidence, and establish meaningful connections. Our high school programs emphasize real-world experiences through alternative education, enabling the application of knowledge in a practical setting. Whether it's project development, professional networking, or addressing community challenges, our hands-on experiences serve as a bridge between theory and practice.
Illustration of a student being mentored.
Personalized Mentorship
We are determined to provide mentees with a mentor who not only guides but also champions their individual journey. Mentors work closely with mentees to identify strengths, address weaknesses, and tailor support to specific needs.This approach allows for the personalized guidance, encouragement, and insight necessary for thriving. Whether the goal is to refine a project, hone skills, or navigate the complexities of a career path, our mentors remain at their student's side, offering one-on-one support and wisdom.
Illustration of a woman levitating a universe over her hand.
Self-Directed Work
Her Idea understands that when individuals take the reins and drive their own projects, they not only learn, but they thrive. Self-directed work promotes youth empowerment and allows our students to explore their passions, think critically, and solve real-world problems. It's not just about following a set path; it's about creating one's own path, and that's where innovation and personal growth truly flourish.
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