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Project Mentoring Program's Pitch Event 2022
December 2022


It's Time to Shine: Women's Leadership Summit
July 20, 2022
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A leadership summit to uplift, support, inspire, and connect the next generation of women in our communities. From engaging panel discussions to powerful speaker sessions, we are connecting a community of leaders, creatives, and innovators through our Her Idea network at this half day summit. We will provide an important space to empower and support young women to reach their limitless potential and celebrate those who continue to pave the way and make a difference in our world.

The Future Is Now: Her Idea Gala 2022


Gala Flyer1.png

Her Idea presents The Future is Now 2022 Gala, taking place at the War Memorial Building’s Green Room at 401 Van Ness Ave. on Thursday May 26, featuring seven young leaders who will be showcasing the real-world projects they’ve been working on during their senior year of high school in our mentoring program. Come support innovation and education at this extravagant gala and see how the power of student-driven projects can change young women’s lives and the community around them.

The Power of Projects 2021


An evening showcasing real world projects by young women in San Francisco. Guest speakers will highlight the power of real world projects to change an individual's life and world as well.


nadya okamoto

HEADSHOT heather hazzan.JPG

Founder of PERIOD & co-founder and CEO of August

nicole leblanc

200306_TW_CH_NY_Nicole Leblanc_0323.jpg

Founder of Homeroom Collective

ellie stokes


Founder of Big Leap Collective

Asawa SOTA 

eryn kimura


Artist and Facilitator

jada stewart


Founder of J'ELLA

Asawa SOTA '20

julia noel

Julia Noel Headshot.jpg

Founder and Director of One Voice Mentors

Student at Asawa SOTA '21

corinne dummel


Student at Asawa SOTA '21

calista cesewski


Student at Asawa SOTA '21


chlöe thomas


Her Idea Team Member

Social Media & Community Outreach Director

Asawa SOTA '19

anna bukareva

anna pic.PNG

Her Idea Team Member

Founder & Director

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